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Quakertown Community School District Health Council

Initiatives to Promote Healthy Eating & Fitness

Pfaff Elementary School

Library- Librarian noted that there is a collection of books that promote health and wellness

Cafeteria- celebrated Apple Crunch Day. All students who ate an apple got to put their name on an apple and hang it on an apple tree around the serving line area.

Grade K- Healthy nutritional snacks advised through a weekly parent newsletter and at parent's night. Class discussion about the variety of snacks each day with extra good/healthy snacks openly celebrated. Teacher models for students with her snack.

Grade 1- Personal hygiene taught and reviewed ie. Sneezing, tissues, frequent handwashing. Letter sent home on healthy snacks at recess. Teacher points out when someone has a "delicious and nutritious" snack. Disinfecting wipes to clean tables every Friday. Students love to help clean!

Grade 2- Parent invited to class to teach about water and good hydration. Students took a short quiz and received water and gatorade. They loved it!

Grade 3- Discuss healthy snacks at the beginning of the year and why they are important. Review what snacks are the best "brain food". These are the only ones allowed to be eaten at snack.

Grade 3- Exercise 3x a week for several minutes- jogging in place, jumping jacks, walk quickly around the room.

Grade 4- In classroom newsletter, students and parents are encouraged to visit places connected to their learning ie. Museums, Indian reservation, nature center- get moving instead of so much T.V. Also encouraged to go outside to seek out and collect things for science units.

Grade 5- Review of handwashing, making good choices, AIDS, etc.

Nurse- monthly newsletter with emphasis on safety, physical activity, and nutrition. Flyer sent home in Oct. regarding Pa. Apple Crunch Day. Ongoing teaching with individual students in health room about health and hygiene issues. Dental classes with emphasis on safety (helmets and mouthguards), good vs. poor snacks, etc.

Health & Physical Education

Pre-Testing Fitness Levels for Spring Fitness Tests

  • October, 3-5 Goal Setting, contract signed by student and parents
  • October, 1-2 Introduction to Fitness Testing
  • January, February Goal Checks- a student check and reflection to meeting their spring goal
  • March-April Fitness Testing

Fit-Family, after school fitness based program

  • See INFO SHEET 1.A


- 12 Days of Fitness during the Month of December

  • Students will exercise 12 days during December for a minimum of 1 hour on each day to receive a " Stay Active…Stay Healthy" Certificate
  • April, 7-9th weekend, Family Activity
  • See INFO SHEET 1.B

Project ACES- World's Largest Exercise Class to promote healthy living

Go for the Greens!

  • Participated at Trumbauersville and would like to bring it to Pfaff


I would like to welcome all parents, teachers, and students to " Fit-Family." The 1st Pfaff Elementary after school fitness program. This program will be fitness based and focus on enhancing the five fitness components; Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility, Cardiovascular Endurance, and Body Composition.
This program is for all students, parents, teachers, and staff that have an interest in improving their health & fitness.
he name " Fit-Family" is from the family of students at Pfaff, the family of teachers and staff at Pfaff, and the families of Pfaff students. Together we all make up a community of learning and growing.
The program will run 3 days per week, beginning at 3:35 pm, and will end at 4:50 pm. Each day will vary in activity, but will maintain a fitness base. The format will consist of the following:

  1. 10-15 minute warm-up
  2. 40-50 minutes of varying content of fitness, sport, and physical challenges
  3. 10-15 minutes with a strong focus on flexibility and cooling down

All fitness levels are welcome, accommodated and encouraged to participate. Each day will have a variety of intensity levels.

The schedule, with the focus of the day will be posted a month in advance in the Pfaff Newsletter, posted on Mr. Filoon's QCSD website (Coming Soon!), and posted outside of the gymnasium on the HPE Bulletin Board.
The first day of " Fit-Family" will be on Wednesday, November 9, 2005. Please check the " Fit-Family" calendar for activities and dates.

List of " Fit-Family" Activities:

Sports (Basketball, Soccer, etc) Kickboxing
Jogging Hiking
Fitness Circuits Survivor Challenge's
Hiking Group Exercise
Yoga Body Pump
Walking Core Strength Conditioning
Sport Performance

You will need: Sneakers, comfortable shorts and shirt, a water bottle (If you want), and a mind set of effort!

If you have any questions please contact me at the following:
E-mail [email protected] or call (215) 529-2865


To Parents and Guardians,

On the weekend of April 7th-9th, 2006 your children have a chance to participate in a " Stay Active... Stay Healthy," school project. This project will consist of exercise and activity that they will perform individually or with their family. Students and family members may choose any exercise or activity from the Activity Pyramid on the opposite side of this letter.

This project is to promote a healthy lifestyle in our students and their families. With the warming weather and summer becoming closer there is more opportunity for students and their families to engage in a variety of activities.

Students will also need to complete a Health questionnaire with their family. This questionnaire will help students improve their understanding that " Staying Active is Staying Healthy."

The " Stay Active...Stay Healthy" questionnaire should be returned to school on Monday April 10th, 2006. Each student's questionnaire will be posted in the hallway by the gymnasium for all to see the activities that our students and families like to perform.

Thank you very much for your help and participation!

Kevin G. Filoon
Health & Physical Education
Pfaff Elementary

List the activities that you and your families performed:

Discuss with your family and list reasons why exercise and activity are important to you and your body:

Write your First and Last name and Favorite activity that you performed with your family:

Name Activity

April 24, 2006

To: PFAFF Elementary
From: Kevin G. Filoon

Hello everyone,

The month of May is National Physical Fitness & Sports month. I wanted to take a moment to inform you about the Annual National Health & Physical Fitness program " Project ACES" (ACES= All Children Exercising Simultaneously). Project ACES began in 1989 by Len Saunders, Health & Physical Education Teacher in New Jersey.

On May 4, 2006 PFAFF Elementary School will participate in a global physical fitness program. This non-competitive program has proven to be educational, motivational, and fun. Project ACES aims to educate children about the importance of lifelong fitness.

This year PFAFF will be participating in a class jog. There will be a track mapped out on the playground and the field. Each class will need to sign-up for times to participate in the walk.

We are going to post a map of the United States in the lobby. We will be filling in the distance traveled by each grade level. We will add all of the distances together to see how far PFAFF has traveled. We will begin in Quakertown and see how far we can go!

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